Looking Trouble in the Eye



Pinhole surgery can swiftly rectify even minor ailments like the Bulging Eye Syndrome.
Life was smooth for Mrs. Sunitha. Until, one day, when this 36 year old woman suddenly developed redness in her eye. Day by day the redness continued and her eye began swelling up. A week later, her eye was bulging out and she had severe pain.

Investigation at MIOT
ACT scan and MRI confirmed the presence of carotid cavernous fistula in the left eye. This is a condition in which there are abnormal communications of blood vessels behind the eyeball. Her vision started diminishing. She was referred to our Interventional Radiology department for further treatment.

A diagnostic angiogram performed, showed that she had a single abnormal blood vessel responsible for the fistula. She was taken for a pinhole procedure. Through a small puncture in the groin, a catheter was taken into the offending blood vessel and it was successfully blocked with a platinum coil.


Dramatic Recovery
Mrs. Sunitha began seeing the improvements almost at once. Her eye swelling reduced dramatically by more than 90% in 2 days. The pain disappeared and her vision began improving. 48 hours later, she was discharged.


Pinhole Surgery at MIOT
To perform these procedures, the hospital requires a sophisticated cathlab with facilities for digital subtraction angiography, road mapping and 3D angiography. MIOT hospitals is well equipped with the latest flat panel digital cathlab with 3D angiography where all these procedures are performed in a sterile environment.