A Solution to Sudden Death

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Dr. Murali explains how IVC filters placed through pinhole surgery prevent danger from blood clots.
Many times we hear of a recovering patient, or a patient just discharged suddenly passing away due to blood clots (Pulmonary embolism). This is a dreaded condition in which large clots from leg veins or pelvic vein move into the pulmonary arteries and cause sudden death. This is common in old age, prolonged immobility (especially bed-ridden patients), following major fractures etc. Many times there may not any warning at all.

That’s why in a hospital practice, patients undergoing major surgeries or bed-ridden patients are started on a heparin injections to prevent blood clots from forming. However it may not suit certain patients to be on these drugs. Some patients may even develop repeated blood clots in spite of adequate preventive measures.

Filtering the blood
Now there is a method by which life threatening pulmonary emboli can be prevented. This is done by deploying an umbrella-like material called IVC filters, in the inferior vena cava. These filters can be either temporary or permanent.They prevent major clots from going to the lungs, but, at the same time allow normal blood flow.


The filters do not require any major surgery for deployment. A small puncture is made in the groin and through it the filter is inserted in the right area. A simple procedure done under local anesthesia.


Playing it safe
In MIOT strict precautions are taken to prevent this condition. We have deployed filters in 20 patients, in the last 8 months to prevent pulmonary embolism.

Dr. K. Murali, MD.P.D.C.C.
Interventional Radiologist