Dear Friends,

Last year at MIOT, we launched our campaign for keyhole surgery and several hundred patients experienced these new, convenient surgeries. This year we bring you another landmark in modern healthcare - “pinhole surgery”. This novel method offers simpler and safer options to open surgery. All these innovations are driven by your demands for the latest, safe, pain-free and scar-free procedures. It has taken a lot of planning, equipment and specialized training for us to offer these pioneering procedures. We are happy to take the lead in redefining healthcare in India and as always, putting your demands first!


It is important that any of you scheduled for medical treatment is aware that you have the option of pinhole surgery with all its benefits. I hope this issue will spread that awareness. Please feel free to mail me with queries or feedback.

Good Luck and Good Health,


Mrs. Mallika Mohandas
Chairman, MIOT Hospitals.