Pinhole Surgery - An Overview by MIOT Hospitals

Pinhole Surgery is based on a simple thought. The human body is richly networked with arteries and veins that carry blood. So why not use them to access every part and every organ?

So, thought a puncture the size of a pinhole, and a catheter as thin as a hair, the pinhole surgeon with infinite care travels through the arteries to the affected area and delivers treatment directly to the site.

There is No Cutting, No Bleeding, and no need for Anaesthesia. Pinhole Surgeries improve outcomes, shorten recovery, reduce complications and open up new methods of diagnosis and treatment. Many of these pinhole procedures have replaced traditional open surgeries performed in a hospital.


MIOT Hospitals makes it simple

Of course what's simple to you is far from simple to us. MIOT Hospitals being a Multi-Specialty Hospital, always looks for new ways to keep patients safe and comfortable. MIOT brought you Keyhole Surgery and now the hospital has made the investment in imaging equipment, miniaturized devices and specialized training to offer you Pinhole Surgery.

Think small. Think safe. Think MIOT

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